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London Squatt


The urban space. A life amongst millions. The housing shortage in the city, due to the destruction of war and the exodus of the population in the city, urged people to do ‘squatting’, meaning posessing empty or sometimes just temporarily left houses. Since the laws in England hardly changed after the war, where a safe house was offered to basically everybody in need, a whole squatting culture rose up, especially in the bigger cities. Todays motives, however, are clearly distinguishable from the former. Previously, there was no other way for people to inhabit the empty houses, however today’s intentions are more left political. There are authorities, associations and lawyers who work exclusively for the rights of squatters in England.


The fact is, that there is much unused habitat in London. To actually use this empty space could strengthen London, both in a public-spirited and ecological kind of way. But for the rightful owners claim onto their possessions, is also logically comprehensible and therefore squatting does not support longtime options. So the squatters are exposed to act in a criminal grey zone. In some cases, as you can see in die video, it could even end with all of us being arrested.


The urban space should give the modern human a frame to function in, but eventually gets bended and broken by its inhabitants. This example shows, how the homoeostasis of society creates opposite poles as an answer to social injustice, produced by man-made high rents in London.

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